Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to Hellboxer

I created this blog to serve as a catchall for all kinds of information. A hellbox is a container to collect used, damaged, spare or worn out items. When I worked as a technician we had several hellboxes which bailed us out of many emergencies. Some were circuits, other electronic parts, component, assemblies, odd screws/fasteners, you name it.

Hellboxes freak out those who are anal retentive and have to see everything always perfectly organized and in its place...SCREW THAT...you'll go nuts trying to keep everything in your life in perfect order. I know people like that who miss so much in life worrying over all the small crap that sucks up your time.

I wanted to name the site Hellbox but it was taken but seeing I am a huge practitioner of hellboxing, I figured I must be a............Hellboxer....thus the name of the blog.

Feel free to comment or write me if you must...nos vemos (seeya!)

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