Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sick of Obamas endless Media Whoring

Are there so many blind people who can't see what a friggin media whore Obama is? He never misses a chance to get himself in the news or photos taken of him. He takes credit for uncompleted ideas that have NOT proven out, yet he acts as if its a done deal and everyone should bow down to him for his brilliance and command of the national scene.

It's revolting. At least the University in Colorado had the guts to state why they weren't giving him an honorary degree...because he hadn't yet earned it, nothing more...you don't get honors until YOU HAVE PROVEN YOURSELF and have the life experience and ACCOMPLISHMENTS to show you made a difference.

I guess he figured if he spoke there, he would get an honorary degree to add to his other AIRHEAD accomplishments so hats off to the university for 'declining' to grant him some other vacuous thing to boast about that means NOTHING.

KeelyNetAnd yet, based on opinion polls, commentators, comedians, media pundits, editorials and emails I read across the net, it looks like a wide range of people are FINALLY WAKING THE FUCK UP to how shallow and self-serving this jerk is.

If he actually DOES something that sticks and COMPLETES...maybe I'll change my views of him (as if that means anything)...but I saw it from day one and never bought into his Hollywood presentation of himself or his deeds....he is, as we say in Texas, ALL HAT AND NO CATTLE....yippee ki-yay MF!!!

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