Sunday, April 19, 2009

Protesters are Terrorists???

I am really pissed off that the government (and the media) are trying to spin the intent of the Tea Parties by implying that participants are nutjobs and terrorists. This is not how the USA works. Some of the protests were denied or disrupted for lack of 'permits'...what ever happened to free speech?

News items where the White House says they were 'unaware' of the Tea Parties or that they are 'amused' by these people...amused?

How patronizing to treat the citizens of the USA as if their opinions and concerns are of NO IMPORT to those we elected to government office TO SERVE US.

Then they go after Rick Santelli for stirring all this up, saying he had not read up on the subject and inviting him to the White House (to try to shut him up) to which he responds;

My main concern is those who try to use the Tea Party rallies for their own little distracts from the PURPOSE and INTENT as well as providing ammunition where critics will pick out a few idiotic signs and paint everyone with the nutcase brush. See the 10 most offensive photos at Huffington Post.

These paint Tea Parties as Racist


These paint Tea Parties as Confused




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