Saturday, March 15, 2014

How you can Help the Internet Grow with better Information!

Don't we all love finding interesting and useful things on the net? Often they aren't on big, commercial pages, but are on blogs or smaller websites run by one or a handful of people devoted to sharing information.

If you see ad banners or links on their site, it's because they need to make money to be able to pay to keep the website going with interesting news and ideas.

I'd like to show you a sample of a friends' website from January, so you can see the difference it makes when people make it a habit of supporting the ads just once for every visit.

Notice the average daily hits only come to about $200 or so a month because only about 10 to 20 visitors take the time to read any of the ads.

The above shows about 40 - 50 cents for 1 visit per person per day. So when more people select just one ad it really adds up to more revenue for the website.

Just one is all that's needed. I think it's a great idea for a lot more people to help support the sites existence and activities.

So please make it a habit for all websites relying on ads for support. I do it in all my travels on the net, checking out just one ad per site because I know how it adds up for website owners like my friend.

What if just 30-100 readers went to just one of the ads every time they visit these ad supported sites? Check out how much we could help contribute to our favorite sites;

Per Day - $30 is about 67 visitors, $50 is about 111 visitors and $100 is about 222 visitors!

It doesn't matter if we don't have any money to contribute, just pick an ad! It costs us nothing and we can open the ad in another tab to read later, after we finish the articles that interest us.

I know lots of people who run websites who are literally living on the edge and trying to keep their website going and make a living at it. It's very hard these days. can't archive all the great websites with rare or unusual information that have gone under because they could not afford to keep their site running.

It would be great if this attitude went viral and people make it a habit to support websites which are ad supported.

Imagine all the new information that would result when website operators can devote more time to improve and populate their websites.

Everyone benefits and it costs each of us nothing and I know the website owners would very much appreciate our regular support.