Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life is Precious...

Doug Stanhope the comedian does a hilarious routine about old people wanting to live another few the skit, a guy begs people to change his bag or help him get around and thank god he has lived another day...

Stanhope asks WTF FOR? You are useless and a drain on people and the why if you aren't healthy or still together enough to get around and care for yourself, would you EVER want to live more years?

It's totally different if you are able to take care of yourself and DOING SOMETHING with your life...but when I'm in miserable shape, can't do anything and need someone to take care of me, I'm READY TO GO....check this out;

I'm in my mid 50s' so not much longer and I too will be a codger if I'm not already...and older people than I say you'll change your tune as you get older too...but I think not...lots of things I still want to do and I spend my time keeping busy and working on things and having fun when the opportunity presents itself, but it's because I STILL CAN.

I happen to agree with Oprah that we should DIE BROKE. Give most of your possessions and money to your family and friends so they can improve their lives and appreciate you NOW, not after you are dead where you will never know.

Holding onto possessions and wealth just for yourself into old age when you could do so much good with it is just not a moral thing to do in my opinion. Granted I have no real wealth or valuable possessions and it's always people like me urging those with money to give it just think of all the good you could do!

When my health goes to pot and I can't enjoy life or need to be kept alive or relying on someone else, that's when I will pull the plug, move on and let the younger generation have my space and my 'stuff'.

Death will get us all but I'm all for euthanasia and the right to check out when you want to.

I used to know and work with Satch Landrum who was like my step grandad. He knew my family and everyone in town. In his late 60s he started falling apart, couldn't get around so had an artificial hip replacement that hurt him when the weather changed. He used to bitch about it and getting old. Satch said he believed society should just put people out of their misery around 65 years of age, to free up space for the young'uns and make people realize their time was up.

Now I don't agree with forced termination but I think we have the right to decide for just amazes me that someone in horrible shape, who can't do anything or enjoy anything would sit around and whine for MORE YEARS....because...because...well you know...LIFE IS FRIGGIN PRECIOUS!