Friday, April 17, 2009

My Solutions

These are subject to modification, change or deletion at my personal whim.

It seems to me there are very clear solutions to a number of issues the USA and other countries are dealing with;

Problem #1: The Drug War in Mexico and the USA
My Solution: Legalize drugs and the wars stop since you would then be able to buy them anywhere. Drug use is a personal thing which the government has no business meddling with. Follow the basic law of Huna...'Hurt No One' which I modified long ago to 'Hurt no one with Intent'. As long as you hurt no one and damage no one else's property, then you can do as you wish. If you choose to destroy your body and mind, it is your choice and the world will be a better place as the abusers die off. Prisons will be cleared out for all drug cases and keep in mind it costs approximately $40,000 per year to keep a person in jail. The money saved from prison costs in addition to the taxes paid on legal drug sales will bring in huge amounts of money as well as quench all drug dealing competition since anything can be bought legally and taxed.

Problem #2: The current 'Pirate' Problem
My Solution: All ships have radios. As one guy suggested on a radio talk show, send in one or two US aircraft carriers with F16 fighter planes. When a ship is under attack, a call is made to the carrier, an F16 is deployed to assess the situation. KeelyNetAs with the Universal Policeman robot Gort from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', the attacking ships will simply be blown out of the water. No capture, no sympathy, just wipe them out as marauding attackers. In time, the pirates will be so decimated or too scared of fatal retribution to try anything, the problem will be resolved.

Problem #3: Bailouts by government
My Solution: LET ALL FAILED/FAILING BUSINESSES GO BANKRUPT, no matter the size. The beauty of capitalism is it is self-correcting, sometimes painful but it will correct. Failed companies will be bought out and restructured or others will take their place. The government does not have the right or the business to bailout anyone using our money.

Problem #4: The US in other countries
My Solution: Let them stand or fall on their own without our interference. Close the overseas bases, bring all our troops home and use the troops to reinforce our borders and help out in national disasters (weather induced) until we get a working immigration policy.

Problem #5: The continuing Immigration problem
My Solution: Tag all foreigners legally entering the USA as visitors with GPS or RFID implants or special bracelets/collars. Not only can we track their movements but we can find them when their time is up to insure they leave per the entry/exit permits. For illegal immigrants, punish the employers and require all employers to use E-Verify as protection for their business. When people are here illegally and can't get a job, they have no choice but to return to their own country until they can re-enter legally. Other countries do NOT TOLERATE illegals and import them instantly when found out, so why should the US.

Problem #6: What about Illegal immigrants who have lived many years in the US?
My Solution: If they have been here illegally over a year and have investments in the form of homes, US registered vehicles, long term employment, etc. give them one year to apply for citizenship, legal social security numbers and another year to gain them. If they choose NOT to follow our laws, then they must leave no matter their investment gained illegally. Those illegals without vested assets are to be deported asap. And for all immigrants, the USA is an English speaking nation, all government documents and correspondence are to be in English and never offered in other languages. Immigrants must be required to learn English and understand they are now Americans, loyal to their new country.

Problem #7: Nation Building and Interference in other countries
My Solution: It is not the purpose or function of the US government to build or rebuild any nation. Nor is it our business to invade any other country unless they directly attack our shores.

Problem #8: Adhere to the Constitution
My Solution: More like Ron Pauls' solution, return to the Constitution. All government employees and servants have sworn to follow the constitution and when they do not, they should be held liable and fired from their jobs. Stop the Terrorist propaganda, restore our lost or diminished rights STOLEN by the Homeland Security paranoia. Allow easy and gestapo-less travel for US citizens within and without our country. Note that more people are killed in car accidents, from cancer and other illnesses than were EVER killed by the terrorist paranoia. If such attacks happen on our soil and clear culprits identified, then we deal with it on a case by case basis. Not chastising all citizens and inducing an endless state of paranoia around every corner. Return the USA to pre-911 freedoms and terminate the new big business of Homeland Security with its associated evils and restrictions for personal rights and liberties.

Problem #9: Return to Personal Responsibility
My Solution: Due to idiotic liability laws, the country has turned into a nation of whiners and blamers. No one is accountable for their actions or failures. Instead they blame everyone else and try to sue to compensate for their failures. People think what can I get out of this when something happens to them, instead of how they can fix it for themselves. In most cases, we create our own hell and miseries. It is part of the life process to learn and grow from our failures, but not if we are encouraged and allowed to blame others and hold them responsible. That also goes for this weird sense of entitlement where people think they are OWED something by the government or by others. You are entitled to NOTHING. See the Bill of NO RIGHTS for further clarification.

Problem #10: Accountability
My Solution: Leaders, both political and in business should be held strictly responsible for their actions (as should we all) if those actions violate laws. Why should they get away with it just because they are high profile? The simple fact that politicians and government servants swear to uphold and follow the constitution, yet when in office, violate that oath, makes them criminals and they should be punished for intentionally violating a sworn oath.

these for starters...

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  1. How about making the congress subject to all laws it enacts - no exceptions. This would/should ensure that congress is encumbered, just like everyone else, by little things like labor laws and social security. No more posh retirement for life for serving one term, among other things.