Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humanely kill a Mouse or...

Noticed a mouse skittering across the floor...the little bastard doesn't seem to be afraid of light or me until I move and my idiot dog is not the least bit curious about catching it. I like animals and cats but don't want to borrow a cat just to catch the little bugger.

KeelyNetI suspect this one came up through my laundry drain and fear it might hatch mouslings, so best to catch and kill it than let it free...guess I could haul it out to the country since there is plenty of farmland near where I live.

Last time this happened I tried a few of the old spring traps baited with various foods but it took almost two weeks to catch it...this time a lady told me to use the black glue strip so I bought two-a-pack RAID strips, biggest they had for $3.20 here.

Had read mice like peanut butter much better than cheese, so put a dab of chunky peanut butter in the middle of one strip and two small chunks of cheese in the middle of the other strip. Laid them down where I'd seen the mouse traffic and sat down to watch CSI. Not 5 minutes later, I hear this squealing and find the mouse stuck on the peanut butter glue strip.

Put it in a quart plastic mayonnaise jar and poked a hole in it so I can decide whether to kill it or let it go. Looked on the net to see how others deal with killing them and found mostly stupid stuff...but killing seemed best done rapidly, like smashing a brick on its head...was thinking of putting it in a baggie and crushing its head with a brick but on second thought, I don't want to kill any warm blooded critter even it if it is a pest (unless I absolutely HAVE to).

At the beginning of this, that was my intent, smash the head of the mouse quickly, but since there is so much farmland that I drive through daily, heck, just toss it into a field and let it find it's own destiny. Let him hop around in his little bottle tonight and manana I will let him loose in a field of corn. Geez, I'm turning Buddhist!

Intelligent Matter and An Argument for a Creator

KeelyNetProfessor Angus MacVicar was a major inspiration for John Keely and the many fantastic claims of discovery he made based on some of MacVicars' ideas.

One of the phenomena claimed to have been witnessed when Keely carried out demonstrations was that his machines would not work without him being present. He claimed each machine was tuned to his body so they would only work in his presence. Sounds like a conman doesn't it?

One report described a demonstration where Keely had just finished a test of one of his tuned devices and it worked without flaw. An assistant then tried to run the machine, copying every step Keely had just done and yet the machine failed to start or run. Keely placed his hand on the shoulder of the assistant and said try again. The man again tried to start the machine and this time it ran perfectly.

I've always thought matter is intelligent to various degrees depending on size, age and other factors. American Indians speak of Power Stones which are supposed to have remarkable abilities. Everyone has a power stone waiting for them somewhere in the world and if you find it, your life will change remarkably. Some very strange stories that include telekinesis, teleportation, punishment, healing, etc.. surround the Power Stone legends.

Additionally, there are the 'Noid's', a modern day invention based on dynamic electrical memories where incredibly fast changes, adaptations and mutations occur within the device. Years ago there was the Spirit Heart device which tuned itself to the user, like a Power Stone and from that point watched over its owner. Very weird stuff and there is a short report in an old KeelyNet page;

Courtesy of Bradley W. Scott - in email discussions, I mentioned the SkyHeart device, claimed to be a unique form of AI that mimics its owner once programmed. It is supposed to develop a 'heartbeat' in the form of a pulsing blue LED and has all kinds of bizarre anecdotes associated with the operation of the units. Despite the $3000 price of the SkyHeart, the idea of an electrostatic matrix used to dynamically map a persons biopatterns intrigues me. That is how Bradley and I got onto the subject. I will eventually transcribe the SkyHeart audio to text. These new interactive AI devices are called 'noids'. On checking out the Neutronics site, I am uncomfortable with them NOT posting the price of their hardware and imposing confidentiality agreements with purchases.

Another correlation is the Indian Manitou, where every object has its own spirit/intelligence. A few months ago I found a copy of a 20-30 year old scifi/terror movie called 'The Manitou' which describes this and depicts a struggle between old forces of earth, air, fire, water, trees, plants, etc...versus modern devices such as cars, computers, appliances, etc.. The shaman had to appeal to the spirit/intelligence/manitou of each of these devices to combine their forces in a war of power. Fascinating.

Here is the MacVicar comment I wanted to post;

"For how could the finite substance of creation be actuated otherwise than so as to embody and to body forth the will, that is, the activity of the being and attributes of the Creator, so far as the finite can embody and manifest the Infinite. The finite, considering that it lives and moves and has its being IN the Infinite, which IS Infinite Power, surely cannot but assimilate itself as far as possible to the Infinite, and manifest in itself His being and attributes.

The mere substance of creation, viewed as apart from the Creator, must be wholly amorphous, so to speak, and passive-wholly plastic and assimilitave. Hence the law and economy of the cosmos MUST BE ASSIMILATION both subjective and objective.

And on the Creation of Intelligent Matter - But why, it may be asked, are not the elements of the finite substance, which is essentially spiritual, after having been attenuated into the aetherial, not confluent into monads possessing mental powers again as fast as they are reduced to minima, so that an abode having been once provided in the realm of light for the world of spirits, the whole creation may consist of sentient beings only, and the sustained voice of the universe be universal enjoyment?

To this the answer is, that in virtue of the self-assimilative, and therefore self-conservative, power of the aetherial elements, synthesis or aggregation can only take place by juxtaposition and not by confluence, until the nebular speck resulting has attained a bigness and pressure TOWARDS its centre.

And when this bigness has been reached, and confluence in the centre takes place, the monad resulting is still too feeble to have recovered mental powers, and can only manifest such mechanical powers that, taken along with its generating atmosphere of aether, this new order of being, this new unity, constitutes the material element.

But though the immediate and direct birth of spirits out of aether or the matter of light in which the spirit-world dwells, be thus prevented by the genesis of matter instead, yet the restoration to the spirit-world of all the substance beyond, the overflow in aether, is not frustrated.

The synthetic action which gives to nature the material element, goes on in the matter generated until a SCAFFOLDING (in our planet the myo-cerebral apparatus) is erected by which such a large and powerful volume of unified organised aether is upheld for years, that there is given by confluence in its focus of action a monad, constituted by such quantity and energy of substance or force (which are the same) that psychical, ultimately as in man, spirit-power is restored; in fine, there is a spirit adequate even to mirror the attributes of the Infinite, while the mode of its birth and education secures its being in harmony with the material economy, as long as the organism is its home.

Thus the created substance, after a lapse to a certain extent into matter, that is, into the apathetic and the dead, is raised to life or spirit again, and becomes capable of new enjoyments, in aspiring towards the ever-blessed One, the author of all."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

NASA - stuck on rockets

The answer is simple...quit worrying about going into deep space, the moon, Mars or other planets. They look like a Chinese firedrill trying to plan for off world projects but still using childrens toys as the propulsion and energy systems.

Instead, FOCUS all space related efforts here on earth to discover new propulsion, new energy and life sustaining techniques.

It's clear that many discoveries and inventions related to our space efforts have filtered down to the private and consumer sector to make our lives better.

Now if NASA used what talent they have to come up with new propulsion and new energy, it would directly affect our dependence on oil and the introduction of efficient electrical or other energy and transport technologies.

NASA's moon plan too ambitious - "A panel reviewing NASA's current plans for human space flight will report that there is no realistic way to return to the moon by 2020 -- or even 2028.

The final list of options being explored by the Augustine group will include some variation of a lunar base down the road. But the committee is most animated by what it calls the ``Deep Space'' option, a strategy that emphasizes getting astronauts far beyond Low Earth Orbit but not necessarily plunking them down on alien worlds.

Instead, the ``Deep Space'' strategy would send them to near-Earth asteroids and to gravitationally significant points in space, known as Lagrange points, that are beyond the Earth's protective magnetosphere. Astronauts might even go all the way to Phobos, a tiny moon of Mars, where the spaceship wouldn't land so much as rendezvous, in the same way that a spacecraft docks at the International Space Station.

The Earth's moon would be a possible ``off-ramp'' of such a strategy but not a central target for exploration. Putting astronauts on the surface of Mars, and then returning them to Earth, would be prohibitively expensive, according to an analysis by the committee, which will send its report to the president by the end of this month."

Just think how much research and development could be accomplished with all the money NASA pisses away every year, but devote it to energy and new propulsion. NASA gets a bit over 17 BILLION dollars for its yearly budget.

We need to get away from primitive rockets and discover how to control gravity or use field forces to propel our spacecraft and other transport methods.

Space panel considers alternatives to NASA's plan for moon base - "Instead of trying to set up permanent moon base as Constellation envisioned, Crawley called for a phased exploration program starting with flybys and scouting missions, building up to longer visits and eventual bases.

That, he said, is more affordable and achievable.

When Constellation was conceived in 2005, NASA envisioned spending about $100 billion to return to the moon by 2020. But the program has been squeezed by congressional budget cuts, cost overruns and technical hurdles.

"It is unclear whether NASA has the funding for any scenarios that do anything important beyond low-Earth orbit prior to 2020," said Christopher Chyba, a panel member who is professor of astrophysical sciences and international affairs at Princeton University.

So the panel is trying to devise scenarios that could work with roughly $80 billion, although no price tags were put on the alternatives discussed on Thursday.

But even ideas the panel seems to support -- like extending the space station's life by about five years until 2020, or flying the shuttle into 2012 or beyond -- cost billions that NASA doesn't have.

"NASA has a chronic problem: it does not have the budget to develop new systems and operate existing ones," Chyba said."