Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nicotine as a cure for various illnesses

Years ago, when I was a teenager working as a carhop, I burned my thumb and it hurt like hell. The wife of the boss didn't have any medicine handy but said she would use something her grandmother used on them.

She took a piece of regular paper, wadded it up and burned it in a coffee dish. When it was completely burned, she blew the ashes away and there remained an oily brown residue. She rubbed this on my thumb and the pain stopped a few minutes later and it healed up with no problems.

The lady said it is the paper in cigarettes which cause cancer and that is why people who smoke cigars don't get cancer, because the paper is made from tobacco leaves which also contain nicotine as in the tobacco being smoked. Now of course, that was probably some kind of creosote in the paper she burned but it worked and I experienced it myself.

So I was browsing for goodies and found this REALLY OLD article about the origins of tobacco smoking but it is written in very old english...so I am going to snip out the useful parts and translate to modern english. Noli me tangere as used in the document is Latin and means 'don't touch me';

"Master John Nicot, Counselor to the King, being Ambassador for the King in Portugal, in the years of our lord 1559, 60 and 61, went one day to see the person of the King of Portugal, and a gentleman being the keeper of the said prisons presented him this herb, as a strange plant brought from Florida;...(more at the link)" - Source

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