Thursday, April 23, 2009

Castro on Obama Superficiality

I think it interesting that various world leaders who have been around awhile, can see through all the media hype and sheer smoke of Obama accomplishing nothing but photo opps and yet so many US citizens still can't see it. Here are excerpts by Castro;

"Fidel Castro says Obama misinterpreted his brother's remarks - Fidel Castro says President Barack Obama "misinterpreted" his brother Raul's remarks regarding the United States and bristled at the suggestion that Cuba should free political prisoners or cut taxes on dollars people send to the island.

Raul Castro touched off a whirlwind of speculation last week that the U.S. and Cuba could be headed toward a thaw after nearly a half-century of chilly relations. The speculation began when the Cuban president said leaders would be willing to sit down with their U.S. counterparts and discuss "everything, everything, everything," including human rights, freedom of the press and expression, and political prisoners...

The ex-president has previously expressed admiration for Obama, but this time he blasted the new U.S. president for showing signs of "superficiality," and called on him to wait no longer before lifting the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba."

Now when someone says everything and repeats it 3 times, that's a pretty inclusive statement so I take issue with Fidel not being able to control his brother but the superficial comment resonated with me from watching so much of Obamas PR that we are forcefed in his incessant quest to make a name for himself by just blowing hot air without tangible results.

And Sarkozy calls Obamas Iran policies ‘Arrogant,’ and ‘Utterly Immature’.

Some great bumper stickers;


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