Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackon self-titled King of Pop

Odd statement about highly insured concert for Jackson at Family wants 2nd autopsy.

"...Jackson's brother Jermaine has said it was believed the pop singer went into cardiac arrest, an interruption of the normal heartbeat that can be caused by factors other than a heart attack.

The coroner's office said there were no signs of foul play or trauma.

Phillips said AEG Live held multiple insurance policies covering cancellation of the shows,

and that some time in February Jackson submitted to several hours of physicals that the insurance underwriter insisted upon, and that Jackson passed them all.

"We had pretty good coverage, but a lot of it is going to depend on the toxicology results," he said. "We need to know what the cause of death was.""

How convenient and smart to cover themselves so well knowing Jacksons reputation for flakiness.

If they collect from multiple policies, I wonder how much more they would get than if Jackson had lived and completed the tour? Hmmm....

And now we learn the sole attending doctor, the one who gave him that final shot that intermixed with all the other drugs in Jacksons body, had serious financial problems as well as a questionable history. Again, hmmm...

I'm a fan of Jackson and sad for his untimely death under such peculiar circumstances.

On a side note, I have always wondered about why he felt the need to become white.

Claiming he was afflicted with vitiligo which is a non-contagious condition where the melanocytes do not function correctly and patches of light colored skin appear on various areas of the body.

Research has shown it to sometimes be linked to an autoimmune disorder and that it may be inherited. Although not considered life threatening, it can, of course, be very troubling for the person who has it.

KeelyNetThough it is more likely he simply bleached his skin to lighten it. Notice he is never shown without a long sleeve, mostly high-necked shirt, long pants and socks. All we see is his hands and face which are remarkably white, possibly makeup as well as skin bleaching.

Wonder if he bleached his entire body for a pinto or mottled effect or just left the body alone and only did the face and hands, which might explain why he always is seen fully clothed.

Maybe someone can sneak a photo of the body...just curious why he would put himself through that, not being able to go swimming in public or go out in shorts or without a shirt like most people do.

Maintaining your Virility

KeelyNetReduced blood flows to the penis and nerve damage are two of the most common physical causes for erectile dysfunction.

A lack of zinc can interfere with the maturation of the reproductive organs, as well as interfere with reproductive functions and processes. It can contribute to impotence.

Chronic diarrhea, poor appetite, and thus significant weight loss of the unhealthy and undesirable sort, hair loss, and the slow healing of wounds are all associated with zinc deficiencies. So, too, are open sores on the skin and in the mouth, strange tastes in the mouth, and inefficient or reduced mental functioning, especially cognitive processes.

So be sure to include lots of zinc-rich foods in your diet, including red meat, fortified cereals, oysters, almonds, peanuts, chickpeas, soy foods, and dairy products.

Zinc is vital to many internal processes and supports immune function, reproduction, and the nervous system. It’s also imperative to include other vitamins and minerals in your diet, as they may also help improve erectile dysfunction.

Be sure to eat whole, fresh, unrefined, and unprocessed foods. Include fruits (lots of richly pigmented berries to support vascular integrity), vegetables, whole grains, soy, beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and cold-water fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, halibut, and mackerel. Avoid sugar, dairy products, refined foods, fried foods, junk foods, and caffeine.

If you’ve found in the past that you’re sensitive to certain kinds of foods, eliminate them from your diet, ass it could be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. Also be sure to drink plenty of water.

A good rule of thumb is to drink 50% of your body weight in ounces of water daily (e.g., if you weigh 150 lbs, drink 75 oz of water daily). Try to avoid alcohol and smoking, as they can have a negative impact on erectile function.

Scam tricks #1

KeelyNetWonder why things are so high these days and always going up? Part of it is because of scammers who figure out and use ways to rip off businesses and innocent people who are just trying to make a living. Here is the first in a series of despicable scammer tricks;

Market Ripoff Scam

You can eat cheaply by visiting the butcher section of the local supermarket and order two pounds of jumbo shrimp at $14.99 per pound and two pounds of beef by-products (for the dog, of course) at 79¢ per pound. Both of the packages are wrapped in white butcher paper with price stickers on them.

Switch the labels and ditch the beef by-products behind some frozen TV dinners. When you pay for your shrimp, you are charged for the beef by-products on the price sticker. This is one way to enjoy choice cuts of meat and other expensive butcher items as very cheap prices.

Note: Watch out for cameras in the ceiling of the supermarket, as well as employees moving around through the store. If you are caught peeling the labels off, just say you were checking the freshness of the meat and you accidentally put the labels back on the wrong package.

You can also try the following: A girl-friend baked a birthday cake for a surprise party thrown for me and it turned out perfectly. It was honestly delicious and everyone loved it, but for some reason the baker was totally dissatisfied with the way the cake turned out.

Whatever the reason, I was impressed with her actions. She took the empty packages--boxes, icing, etc. -- back to the store with her receipt. The key thing that she brought back to the store, however, was the carton of milk used to make the cake.

Although the milk was fresh, she poured a little lime juice into it, which gave it a rotten odor and curdled it. She took all of the cake ingredients to a store manager, had him smell the milk and demanded a refund. She told him that everyone who had eaten the cake suffered food poisoning and that the party had been ruined.

The manager was apologetic and he not only refunded all the cake mix ingredients, but he gave her a $150 gift certificate for purchasing other groceries. This scam can be worked with many different kinds of food in the market.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

No way Facebook!

For the past year or so I've been getting all these facebook invites. I had not signed up since I am wary of 'social networking' which seems to be an activity for the lamers and losers totally willing to give up all their personal info and engage in ceaseless idiotic postings.

However, some of my family wanted me to join, so I was everything I thought it would be...ergo, JUNK...sure, lots of contacts but damn, so invasive and the service trolls you endlessly with apps using the guise of 'sharing' to get you to provide more and more private information....uh-uh...not good...who is really behind Facebook that they would want so much information on so many people?

Today, this article appeared to bolster my own concerns.

My sister and I both decided we could live very well without Facebook and its ilk so I had put in a deletion request about 4 days ago...the note I got from them said 14 days to delete your account and ALL its information and says if you log back in, the request for deletion will be cancelled. Thats how desparate they are to keep people hooked into their thanks...

I'll stick with emails directed just to the people I wish to communicate with and not splayed out for all the world to see.

It's great to be da King!

KeelyNetSo much for change...looks like anyone who falls afoul of Emperor/Massiah Obama will feel his wrath. - Not
the first time

The dispute comes as Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is looking into the abrupt firings within the last week of two other inspectors general ¿ one of whom was fired by the White House and the other by the chair of the International Trade Commission.

Both inspectors general had investigated sensitive subjects at the time of their firings.

Grassley is now concerned about whether a pattern is emerging in which the independence of the government's top watchdogs -- whose jobs were authorized by Congress to look out for waste, fraud and abuse -- is being put at risk.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UHauls as the solution to 'World Hunger'

No one, NO ONE has pinpointed the problem with 'World Hunger' better than the late, great Sam Kinison! - Source

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Crop of Obama Bumper Stickers

Just a smattering of what some of us think...







Dead soldiers in Normandy turning in their graves

KeelyNetGod, its sickening watching Obama prance around the world making apologies for American actions in the past and sucking up to the muslims...showing his true stripes...he's no more American than Castro.

I wonder if the graves there in Normandy weren't just ROILING from soldiers turning over in their graves, pissed that this friggin POSER was using their sacrifices to further his own ends and try to enhance his public image.

Plus the sheer audacity of the Brits naming a beach after Obama...what the f**k has he DONE to deserve anything like that?

It just shows his honorable man would have DECLINED that since he's done nothing to deserve any honors at this point...and he knows it, but being the media/adulation whore that he has shown himself to be, he and his posse will do anything to get a photo opp, even scaring the hell out of a city by flying Air Force one over it...and how much did that finally cost when Photoshop could have done it safer, easier, faster, cheaper and SANER.

And so many American people just eat him up....pathetic...