Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dead soldiers in Normandy turning in their graves

KeelyNetGod, its sickening watching Obama prance around the world making apologies for American actions in the past and sucking up to the muslims...showing his true stripes...he's no more American than Castro.

I wonder if the graves there in Normandy weren't just ROILING from soldiers turning over in their graves, pissed that this friggin POSER was using their sacrifices to further his own ends and try to enhance his public image.

Plus the sheer audacity of the Brits naming a beach after Obama...what the f**k has he DONE to deserve anything like that?

It just shows his honorable man would have DECLINED that since he's done nothing to deserve any honors at this point...and he knows it, but being the media/adulation whore that he has shown himself to be, he and his posse will do anything to get a photo opp, even scaring the hell out of a city by flying Air Force one over it...and how much did that finally cost when Photoshop could have done it safer, easier, faster, cheaper and SANER.

And so many American people just eat him up....pathetic...

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