Friday, May 29, 2009

Euthanasia should be totally optional

It's your body, your life, if you choose to kill yourself by overdoing drugs, drinking, sex, whatever or are so sick with no hope of recovery, then its not a question of rights since its YOUR BODY to do with as you please.

I've had several friends die in terrible agony, begging to be taken off life support so they can move on, but no, they were doped up and kept alive in their bedridden horror until their body just gives out.

I used have an old friend named Satch his late 60s he was falling apart physically and had to have a knee and hip operation just to get around. He often said he thought people should just be put to sleep at 65 as they were pretty much useless after that. I didn't agree, but I do agree it should be an option if you feel that way. That means asking for assistance if you can't do it yourself.

To my view, if you are just taking up space and not doing anything with your life, then you should get the heck out of it, quit wasting resources without benefitting yourself by learning or doing things or helping others, and just fade on out.

Why do people who are horribly crippled or so old and feeble that they can't do anything, want to live for decades more? What is the point if you can't enjoy it.

Keep in mind, its not about QUANTITY, but QUALITY that counts.

For myself, when I start falling to pieces or become so crippled or infirm that I am a drain on society, you can bet your butt I'll take care of my own incapacity. Probabely with something like this the Redneck Kevorkian.

Granted there are many other ways to take ones life and many say you will probably change your mind when you reach that point, but I don't think so if I know there is no hope of improvement for my condition, whatever it might be. So if I am found dead one day, after some illness or accident, don't look for any murderer or start any bullshit conspiracy story...I did it myself.

Now check this out;

"KeelyNetA 66-year-old woman with terminal cancer has become the first person to die under Washington state's new assisted suicide law, an advocacy group said Friday. Linda Fleming, of Sequim, died Thursday night after taking drugs prescribed under the "Death with Dignity" law that took effect in March, said Compassion & Choices of Washington.

Officials with the advocacy group said Fleming, who was diagnosed last month with advanced pancreatic cancer, died at home with her family, her dog and her physician at her bedside. "The pain became unbearable, and it was only going to get worse,"

Fleming said in a statement released by the organization. A physician prescribed the medication, but under the law, patients must administer the drugs themselves. Oregon is the only other state that allows this. Not everyone agrees that people should be able to die with dignity, though: Chris Carlson, who campaigned against the new law with the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide, called the death unfortunate. "Any premature death is a sad occasion and it diminishes us all," he said. (props to" - Source

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