Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scam tricks #1

KeelyNetWonder why things are so high these days and always going up? Part of it is because of scammers who figure out and use ways to rip off businesses and innocent people who are just trying to make a living. Here is the first in a series of despicable scammer tricks;

Market Ripoff Scam

You can eat cheaply by visiting the butcher section of the local supermarket and order two pounds of jumbo shrimp at $14.99 per pound and two pounds of beef by-products (for the dog, of course) at 79¢ per pound. Both of the packages are wrapped in white butcher paper with price stickers on them.

Switch the labels and ditch the beef by-products behind some frozen TV dinners. When you pay for your shrimp, you are charged for the beef by-products on the price sticker. This is one way to enjoy choice cuts of meat and other expensive butcher items as very cheap prices.

Note: Watch out for cameras in the ceiling of the supermarket, as well as employees moving around through the store. If you are caught peeling the labels off, just say you were checking the freshness of the meat and you accidentally put the labels back on the wrong package.

You can also try the following: A girl-friend baked a birthday cake for a surprise party thrown for me and it turned out perfectly. It was honestly delicious and everyone loved it, but for some reason the baker was totally dissatisfied with the way the cake turned out.

Whatever the reason, I was impressed with her actions. She took the empty packages--boxes, icing, etc. -- back to the store with her receipt. The key thing that she brought back to the store, however, was the carton of milk used to make the cake.

Although the milk was fresh, she poured a little lime juice into it, which gave it a rotten odor and curdled it. She took all of the cake ingredients to a store manager, had him smell the milk and demanded a refund. She told him that everyone who had eaten the cake suffered food poisoning and that the party had been ruined.

The manager was apologetic and he not only refunded all the cake mix ingredients, but he gave her a $150 gift certificate for purchasing other groceries. This scam can be worked with many different kinds of food in the market.

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