Thursday, June 18, 2009

No way Facebook!

For the past year or so I've been getting all these facebook invites. I had not signed up since I am wary of 'social networking' which seems to be an activity for the lamers and losers totally willing to give up all their personal info and engage in ceaseless idiotic postings.

However, some of my family wanted me to join, so I was everything I thought it would be...ergo, JUNK...sure, lots of contacts but damn, so invasive and the service trolls you endlessly with apps using the guise of 'sharing' to get you to provide more and more private information....uh-uh...not good...who is really behind Facebook that they would want so much information on so many people?

Today, this article appeared to bolster my own concerns.

My sister and I both decided we could live very well without Facebook and its ilk so I had put in a deletion request about 4 days ago...the note I got from them said 14 days to delete your account and ALL its information and says if you log back in, the request for deletion will be cancelled. Thats how desparate they are to keep people hooked into their thanks...

I'll stick with emails directed just to the people I wish to communicate with and not splayed out for all the world to see.

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