Thursday, July 2, 2009

Public Mischief

A few years back there was a news report of mischievous teenagers roaming the streets of London looking for older people.

They would remove their shirts and superglue them high up the walls of buildings. Saw another use for superglue mischief in this article;

"A trip to the little boys room ended in disaster after a man became super-glued to a public toilet. A practical joke left the 35-year-old man helpless and unable to remove himself from the loo.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and did their best to un-stick the man, but even their efforts were not enough to set him free.

The toilet was then removed from the public cubicle near Dudley in the West Midlands, with the man still attached.

A paramedic said: “The man was using the facilities when he became stuck on the seat. It appears as though someone had left glue on it.”

Once at the hospital, doctors loosened the grip and freed the man using special chemicals, while still inside the ambulance. The flustered man was not injured but highly embarrassed after the incident."

Would be great to catch the perpetrator(s) and subject them to the same treatment to see if its so funny to them.

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