Sunday, July 19, 2009

Threat of things to come?

Could this become a pattern worldwide where laid-off or terminated workers seek revenge?

Violent threat wins workers payout - "A French construction equipment plant owned by US-based Oshkosh Corporation has agreed to boost severance packages for laid-off workers who threatened to blow up machinery, employees say.

While the number of workers affected is small - 53 workers, each guaranteed up to 30,000 euros ($A53,000) in severance - the incident came on Friday during a week in which unions at three different French factories used threats of explosions to get their complaints heard.

Some desperate French workers have gone to extremes in recent months, from kidnapping their bosses to blocking production lines, to resist job cuts or win better departure packages amid the worst economic downturn in decades...

Police have not intervened in any of the incidents, and government officials have said they understand the workers' woes but criticised the violent tactics." - Source

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