Sunday, July 19, 2009

6 Months to Live - NOT!

Now this totally sucks and is an excellent reason for getting 2nd and even 3rd opinions from terminal or questionable diagnosis. I feel for this guy and his family...who wouldn't prepare for death and splurge to enjoy what little time they have...then be told, woops, just kidding or sorry, we made a mistake!

Man given six months to live discovers tumour is harmless abscess - "Phil Collins, 61, quit his job, planned his own funeral and blew £18,000 from a pension pay-out after being told he had inoperable gallbladder and liver cancer.

He fulfilled a lifelong dream of buying a Triumph motorbike, bought wife Isabel a car and made financial arrangements to ensure she was secure after his death.

But when the six month deadline passed he went back to hospital - where further checks revealed the growth on his liver was in fact an abscess.

However, Mr Collins claims that complications from the cocktail of cancer drugs he was prescribed have ruined his health and he is now planning a legal bid for compensation.

He said: "I was a fit man and I was a keen motorcyclist. I still had a lot of working life left in me.

"Now I cannot do anything. I am an absolute wreck. I feel I am just generally shutting down.

"When they told me I had cancer, I thought I was dying and I knew I had a chance to do everything I wanted.

"If you have spent two years thinking you are going to die, then you are told you are not, it knocks you backwards." - Source

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