Friday, May 29, 2009

Will this force a show of the Real Document?

What happens to the government if it turns out there isn't a verifiable birth certificate provided by the Obama camp?

Everything he has tried to do (done damn little so far) will be invalidated, all his appointments and actions as president as well as the actions of those he appointed.

Will he go to jail for knowingly misrepresenting himself as a natural US citizen?

And what about his cronies???

BTW, why haven't Bush and his criminal cohorts been brought to court to punish them for all the laws they broke. You swear an oath of office, to uphold the constitution and laws of the country, then you intentionally break them...that is simply CRIMINAL.

What a friggin MESS!!!

KeelyNet"A national fund-raising campaign to erect billboards around the country questioning Barack Obama's eligibility for office was an instant hit with WND readers in its first 24 hours, said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of the company and the man who came up with the idea. "One thing I can say for certain after Day 1 of this campaign - billboards will soon be going up around the country," said Farah... The idea behind the billboard campaign is to make sure Obama cannot avoid this question any longer. He must be asked to produce it at every turn, Farah says. Billboard space is currently being negotiated in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Sacramento, San Francisco, New York-New Jersey, Des Moines, Seattle and other metro areas." - Source

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