Friday, November 20, 2009

Super Efficient Hydrogen Generator PDF

KeelyNet From Jeffrey Sokol - George Wiseman and I have been speaking daily about WFC invention a retired physicist friend of mine produced. He is in AZ, and says he can run a 3.6 kw generator with his HHO fuel cell design, at a full load, with only 10% of the power created by the generator.

George asked me to make contact with you so we can get the information out there together, and we must act quickly. I'll be selling the information on how to replicate the design online...

My friend in AZ says that his cells are stackable, so they can be fitted to larger generators to power homes like 17 kw or even 100 kw with enough cells. Oh, by the way, the cells only use distilled water, and usually zero electrolyte. The past times he's used tap water, it's had way too much electrolyte for the cell.

The cells don't get above 88 degrees. He has all the notes and photos to make a complete packet of information. /

The cell is a 12.5 volt design, to be used anywhere. What makes it so amazing, is that the inventor, Dr. Steven Eaton, has designed it so that physics work with the cell, instead of against it. The cell is incredibly efficient, able to produce approximately 5 liters per minute, with less than 15 amps, with absolutely ZERO electrolyte.

The cell in previous testing has not reached over 88 degrees. Previous models were completed, producing 2 lpm with 10 amps each. 3 of those units were fitted to run a 3.55 kw Troy Bilt Generator. The generator ran 100% on 6 LPM of HHO gas, which was produced by the Troy Bilt Generator itself, and ran light bulbs and other shop devices.

The only thing that bogged it down was a large bench grinder drawing 4.9 amps on top of the 200 watts being taken from 2 light bulbs. The key here, is that electricity was being produced with 100% water for fuel technology, no gasoline or any other fossil fuels. The Troy Bilt generated enough power off of HHO gas, to operate the HHO cells, and provide extra power for small household items.

This newest design will be finished and tested very soon... Dr. Eaton has designed it to be even more efficient than it’s predecessors. Each unit providing 5 liters per minute, drawing less than 15 amps, will be mounted on the generator. / (Courtesy of Jeffrey D. Sokol, President/CEO, HybridTech Energy. - JWD)
- Full Article Source and Free PDF download.

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