Monday, March 15, 2010

the 'get some' scam

From an email I sent out today to various friends;

Today I heard something that just made me drop to the floor laughing.

Went to see a friend who is about 72...though nothing works, he still goes after young ladies in their 20s, for pay of course, hey, it's Mexico!

We were talking about several things, a problem with his computer, sales of his Aztec knives being down, the post office ripping him off almost everytime he ships anything, etc...

HellboxerThen he mentioned that he had received a call from this 20 something year old girl with whom he had shared carnal knowledge several times..(hey, I'm being POLITE)...

He said she calls him every so often asking if he is other words, ARE YOU DEAD YET?

I asked him why, did she care for him or something and he said no, he had given her a copy of a fake insurance policy he made up and put her down as beneficiary, then he had it notarized and gave her a copy.

She thinks it is real so she slept with him several times (no charge) thinking when this guy kicks the bucket, I'm gonna get his money and stuff.

So she calls him every now and then to 'see if he is ok'....and check up on her fantasy inheritance.

Man, that is just the sickest but funniest way I think I ever heard for scoring.

I'd imagine if she ever found out she could sue him...well, in the US for sure, where you can sue for just about anything, but here I don't think it would even make it past a police complaint.

Just something funny to pass along to your friends and the cool thing, ITS TRUE!!!

Some of the people in the BCC section will know the guy I'm talking about...told him I was going to post it and he said go ahead...

Hasta Luego!!!

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