Monday, October 19, 2009

News that pisses me off, (some good stuff though)

These were taken from my twitter posts and are in order by newest to oldest.

I hope some if not MOST PISS YOU OFF as much as they do me...but do enjoy the funny stuff...fix yourself a michelada (beer cocktail) and chill out...

No.1 priority of the people is the ECONOMY, It's ahead of wars, health care. etc..

White House admits: We 'control' news media (definitely more fuel for conspiracies)

How can so many call Obama a great speaker/orator when he is HELPLESS without a teleprompter

Another funny...they should REALLY be in drag

Check this out...drunkest guy ever, just shoot him!

Didya ever think about usury & how, without reasonable limits to greed, it destroys the world? Take credit cards +20%!!! Who is responsible?

Sickens me that US citizens are going bankrupt and Obama still pursues media attention, oh America how we have fallen by trusting this Ahole!

Many still employed andl on the job but only making half as much!

2012 Food riots, tax protests, farmer rebellions, student revolts, mob rule, etc.

2012 stirs Apocalypse Predictions, Doomsayers

Nobel committee must be on DRUGS, Obama winning Peace Prize? He has done NOTHING in his entire about sucking up and for what?? If Obama had any sense of morality & dignity he'd DECLINE the Nobel but you can bet he won't turn it down.STILL an all hat, no cattle Poseur.

Dr. House wisdom; is that your nurse, hired a hooker to watch you sleep...yes, cheaper and she won't file for sexual harassment...

Extending jobless benefits?, how about rebuilding economy?

Young man is an inspiration to everyone google for more

Met a burned out drughead who asked me 'are you a cracker?' in front of 5 other americans..told him I'd beat his ass if he said that again...

This was an inevitable event; Impeachment suggested to remove 'threats' to America

It's the Unemployment Stupid (don't get distracted!)

In trying to do TOO MUCH, you can become counterproductive

SNL details all of Obama's failures, man, that must have taken a few hours

No Job Growth W/o Health Reform (how stupid can Obama be?

Washington Doesn't Get it, we NEED MORE JOBS!

Gwyneth Paltrow had lived in Spain & the men there would say 'te amo por un hora', 'I love you for one hour' avoid misunderstandings.

Hope it never comes to this, politicians just need a scare

In 2009 government will spend $700 billion on INTEREST PAYMENTS on national debt

Singer Andy Williams; "Obama is following Marxist theory. He's taken over the banks and the car industry. He wants the country to fail."

3 kinds of people in the world. There are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen and people who ask what happened.

6 to 1 Seeking jobs, SCREW healthcare, rebuild the Economy!

Who Owns Congress? 5 Billion over 10 years to buy them

Obama the Impotent, not up to the task, no real world experience

Need a laugh and appreciate southern humor, watch this very funny woman

Even with our inventions/tech and copying our music,dress and such, its still like Bizarro world

Is Kadafy a sample of Libyan plastic surgery? His face is unREAL, he looks a doped up bad copy of Mel Brooks (sorry Mel, I'm a big fan!). Ahmadinejad is like a homeless guy...they can put on suits & try to PRETEND to be civilized but they need to shave, learn manners and tact. I see a LOT of that pretending...trying to copy the united states but the result is like Bizarro world in the old Superman Comics. Even with our inventions/tech and copying our music,dress and such, its still like Bizarro world.

Pay $1900 for health insurance or GO TO JAIL

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