Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humanely kill a Mouse or...

Noticed a mouse skittering across the floor...the little bastard doesn't seem to be afraid of light or me until I move and my idiot dog is not the least bit curious about catching it. I like animals and cats but don't want to borrow a cat just to catch the little bugger.

KeelyNetI suspect this one came up through my laundry drain and fear it might hatch mouslings, so best to catch and kill it than let it free...guess I could haul it out to the country since there is plenty of farmland near where I live.

Last time this happened I tried a few of the old spring traps baited with various foods but it took almost two weeks to catch it...this time a lady told me to use the black glue strip so I bought two-a-pack RAID strips, biggest they had for $3.20 here.

Had read mice like peanut butter much better than cheese, so put a dab of chunky peanut butter in the middle of one strip and two small chunks of cheese in the middle of the other strip. Laid them down where I'd seen the mouse traffic and sat down to watch CSI. Not 5 minutes later, I hear this squealing and find the mouse stuck on the peanut butter glue strip.

Put it in a quart plastic mayonnaise jar and poked a hole in it so I can decide whether to kill it or let it go. Looked on the net to see how others deal with killing them and found mostly stupid stuff...but killing seemed best done rapidly, like smashing a brick on its head...was thinking of putting it in a baggie and crushing its head with a brick but on second thought, I don't want to kill any warm blooded critter even it if it is a pest (unless I absolutely HAVE to).

At the beginning of this, that was my intent, smash the head of the mouse quickly, but since there is so much farmland that I drive through daily, heck, just toss it into a field and let it find it's own destiny. Let him hop around in his little bottle tonight and manana I will let him loose in a field of corn. Geez, I'm turning Buddhist!

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